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About Us

About Outdoor Fire Headquarters

Outdoor Fire Headquarters specializes in artisanal products that inspire creating outdoor memories with friends and family. Your backyard, patio, garden, or terrace space is an extension of personal lifestyle, and our unique and creative products help bring outdoor living to life through art in many different forms. Our wide range of fire products, ovens, grills are designed to fit any outdoor space for homes or commercial locations.

We help home and business owners realize their vision with outdoor landscape design products that push creative and aesthetic boundaries. It’s not just a fire pit or outdoor kitchen, it’s an incredible works of art, functional sculptures that will ‘wow’ your guests. And they’re one of a kind. These beauties are artisan made of American hand-crafted steel and hand-cut, guaranteeing that no two are exactly alike

Our carefully curated products blend form and function, designed to deliver stylish solutions to satisfy your outdoor desires. We challenge ourselves to offer products that deliver gratifying experiences, a different outdoor experience you are used to. 

Whether your renovating your outdoor space, entertaining friends for an evening around a dynamic fire globe, or hosting an outdoor dinner party while firing up the dome-igloo shaped pizza oven, you’re ensured a perfect backdrop to form memorable experiences for any occasion.

Expect to exceed your expectations as we help you create your own outdoor environment to be proud of. Your home escape from home, your very own outdoor happy place for tall tales, quiet reflection or intimate moments.

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