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ICON 700 Series Kamado Grill


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Welcome to Kamado cooking! The Icon Kamado is based on 3,000+ years of clay pot cooking from around the world. Over generations our ancestors have continued to refine Kamado techniques for grilling, smoking, baking and cooking all types of food, including meats, poultry, fish and vegetables. Kamado cooking locks in moisture and provides a variety of ways to infuse different tastes into your foods, turning weekend grillers into neighborhood chefs.

Your new Icon Kamado is the complete outdoor cooking appliance that allows you to sear, grill, bake and smoke all types of food. For best results, we recommend using natural lump charcoal made from hardwoods. Compared to briquettes, natural charcoals start faster, burn cleaner and longer, reach higher temperatures and produce less ash. Leftover natural charcoal also relights for re-use. Before restarting the grill, knock off excess ash from remaining charcoal. Routinely empty ash, but only do so when grill is cool. Starting your Icon Kamado Grill is simple and fast: Open top and bottom vents wide open, fill the inner fire bowl with enough charcoal to cover the air holes, then light the charcoal using an electric starter or approved grill starters. After several coals are burning, spread evenly, adjust top and bottom vents, and wait for the Kamado to reach your desired cooking temperature. As needed, add more charcoal by using the flip grate feature, being careful not to burn yourself with the hot food or cooking grate.

  • 714 Square inches of Cooking Space
  • Cast Iron Top Vent with Color-Coded HeatZone Controls
  • Temperature Gauge with Color-Coded Cooking Zones
  • Stainless Steel Lid Shock Absorber
  • Dual Drop Down Side Shelves
  • 2 Tier Cast Iron & Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Electric Starter Port for Easy Starting
  • Bottom Color-Coded HeatZone Cooking Dials
  • Removable Ash Drawer for Easy Cleaning
  • Cast Iron Charcoal Grate with Stainless Steel Starter Pocket
  • Starter Holster for Electric Starter Storage
  • Thick Competition Fire Bowl for Better Cooking
  • Lava Stone Allows for Indirect Cooking/Smoking
  • 26” Wide Storage Cart for Extra Stability and Grate & Stone Storage
  • Quickchange Compatible!
Packages Available

Two Color Choices: Black Onyx with Dark Wood Slatted Side Shelves and Powder Coated Storage Cart or White Cottage with Stainless Steel Side Shelves and Stainless Steel Storage Cart.


What's In The Box

  • ICON 700 Grill
  • Flexible Grill Light
  • Lava Stone & Bracket
  • Electric Starter
  • Electric Starter Holster
  • Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Removable Ash Drawer
  • Branded Full Length Cape-Style Commercial Grade Cover 



Weight 289.68 lbs

Length 35.25"

Width 29.33”

Height 33.27”


Weight 293.65 lbs

Length 35.25”

Width 29.33”

Height 33.27”

Documentation and How To Videos

ICON 700 Manual

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