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Built-In BBQ Grills

Built-in BBQ Grills are the perfect way to make outdoor grilling a permanent feature of your outdoor space. Built-in barbecue grills, sometimes called “drop in BBQ grills,” insert into an existing BBQ structure, like a BBQ island or outdoor kitchen. These grills are stationary barbecues that allow you to take the kitchen outside and prepare practically any dish you like, all while enjoying beautiful weather and fresh air.

Outdoor kitchen grills are compatible with a range of fuel types, including gas, electric, propane, charcoal, and wood. Each type of grill creates a slightly different cooking experience and flavor, giving you a choice over your setup.

We offer a wide selection of built-in grills from a range of manufacturers, all with different features. Some of our built-in BBQ grills include rotisserie burners, ideal for those who love to roast whole birds over open flames while others come with back-lights, perfect for cooking later on in the evening or at night.

If you’re looking for precision cooking tools, then there’s nothing better than getting a grill with a built-in thermostat, telling you the temperature of the cooking volume inside, just like a conventional oven. Many grills also come with additional serving shelves, allowing you to store food before plating it up.

Choosing a built-in BBQ grill is a significant decision, but at Outdoor Fire Headquarters, we’re committed to helping you find the perfect product. Outdoor grills allow you to create delicious dishes with that delightful, flame-grilled taste. Is it time you purchased a built-in BBQ?

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